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What is your photographic style?

First and foremost, photojournalistic. I specialize in candid, modern photography, and work to make sure I capture the details, emotions and natural expressions that make each of my senior clients unique and special. People find me friendly, easy-going and pleasant to work with, and I am nearly always smiling while I work because I love what I do.


Do you travel?

Yes indeed, and I love it! Montana has my heart, but I also adore traveling both in the states and internationally! So if you'd like to have your senior portraits take place somewhere particularly awesome or remote or beautiful or exotic or meaningful to you, then by all means, take me with you so I can help capture it all for you. I do require airfare, lodging and generally a rental car. Pricing for destination senior photography is the same as my normal rates. Travel within Montana usually just requires a small fee to cover wear and tear and mileage on my vehicle.


Where are you located?

My home base is in beautiful Missoula, Montana.


Do you photograph things other than senior portraits?

Yep! Wedding photojournalism and lifestyle portraiture are a favorite of mine, I always have a great time telling stories via the multimedia realm, and I have a soft spot for pretty food photography. I also freelance as a photojournalist for various publications around the United States.


What are your rates?

Senior portraits sessions and collections start at $350. Most of my seniors invest between $600 to $800 for their session and their digital and printed products, but I've got a variety of options to suit different budgets and photography needs. Please contact me for more detailed pricing and information about your session.


How can I book you?

To book your senior portrait session with me and secure your date I require a retainer as well as a standard signed contract so we're all on the same page and are all happy campers (unless you are 18 your contract will need to be signed by your parent or guardian). Your session balance is due on the day I shoot your photos. Because I limit the number of sessions I do to ensure an excellent experience and great service to my seniors, I recommend booking 3-4 weeks prior to your ideal session date. I do book my dates on a first-come first-serve basis, so I do not hold dates until I actually receive the retainer fee and signed contract. I can sometimes squeeze in last minute sessions so don't be afraid to be in touch if that's you, but it's usually better to plan ahead.


can my parent, guardian or friend come to my session?

Absolutely! If you'd like your mom or dad or guardian or friend to come along to your session for moral support or to be your most excellent personal assistant, then by all means, they are certainly welcome to join us.


i've never had photos done before - will you help direct me?

Yes, it's a part of my job to help you look your best, so if you need a little reminder to stand up straight or loosen your shoulders, I am more than happy to guide you to your best look.


aahhhh! i don't know what to wear - can you give me advice?

Yep! We'll talk about your personal style prior to your shoot so I can tailor my advice to what your look is. But generally I recommend clothing that, first and foremost, you are comfortable wearing (it's not fun to be wearing clothes that you're constantly tugging at), and clothing that speaks to who YOU are. It's a good idea to try to avoid large logos if possible, jewel tones look awesome, and accessories can always be fun (for both guys and girls - think hats, cool earrings, fun shoes or boots, jackets, etc.). Don't forget to iron the clothes you'd like to wear, and make sure to use that lint roller, too. If you just can't decide between a couple of looks on the day of your shoot, I'm also happy to provide input on outfit choices day-of. If you tan, try your best to be mindful of your tan lines before your shoot, and remember, that a natural look photographs much better than an overly orange spray tan.


How many photos will I get?

The number of photos I make varies greatly depending on the type of session you choose and how long I will be shooting. I aim for quality over quantity, so my seniors generally receive between 40 to 100 images in their online gallery.


What are your products like?

You can read more about and see my senior portrait products here!


can i be photographed in my prom dress or tux?

Yes, for sure! Incorporating your prom dress or tux into your senior session can be super fun and a little edgy (in a good way), especially if we're shooting in scenarios that aren't usually where prom dresses or tuxes might be found (i.e. golden fields, funky urban areas, in the water, etc.).


do you charge extra for yearbook photo submission?

Nope! I'm happy to submit your favorite photo to your yearbook as a complimentary service - no problem. All I need is the contact info for the yearbook staff or advisor, any image requirements, and you're good to go.


What gear do you use?

Do you like photography, too? Take a peek at what's in my bag over here.


Are you on social media?

Yep! You can find me on:



Instagram (fair warning, this is a mixture of business pics, regular old real-life images, and lotsa birdie photos!)

Pinterest (where you will soon be made aware of my sweet tooth and love of cilantro)


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